Blink of an EYE

Coruscant Rising

After arriving in Coruscant airspace, the Argyle Dream makes its way through the more snarled than normal airspace and narrowly avoids serious damage during a police chase that got WAY too near the landing ship. adter landing, the cargo was offloaded, but the crew noted something funny going on with one of the offload crew, who was interfering with one of the Deebock lizard-birds. they spotted him pocketing something he had literally pulled out of the bird’s rear.

after some verbal and force altercation, the offender did leave an egg and left the scene of the crime. the ship was repaired, and the almost 38000 credits for the shipment were credited to the account of the ship to put against the cotst of the rest of the voyage and repairs.

While examining the egg left behind, the crew noted that it was a man-made message cylinder shaped to look like a Deebock egg, and that it contained numbers that might be a date, time and spatial coordinates for somewhere in the Coruscant system.

every story must start somewhere.

The last leg of the run inbound towards Coruscant is seeming to be an uneventful one. The engines, hyperdrive and other systems haven’t even been complaining or acting up, which is unusual for the Argyle Dream, and the only thing that keeps this last leg towards the most cosmopolitan of stops uneasy is the crypric message you recieved on the last hyperwave stop point.

From Zeb Abraham, your Special Ops contact for Republic Security (or Repsec at you sometimes call it) you received an unusually terse message giving you a time and date for a meeting with him at the SpecOps headquarters on the Highland Mews Subsector of Coruscant. The time is set for midmorning Coruscant time (roughly 18 hours after your scheduled arrival.)

The buyer for your last load has contacted you and confirmed that your docking bay has been selected and you have been cleared through Coruscant airspace to land on the Devorant Traders Dock directly. This suits you, because the cargo, which contained spices, agricultural goods and some semi-avian species has been difficult to maintain and the constant screeching and smell of Deebock excrement has been nothing short of unbearable.

Coruscant temperatures are noted to be rather temperate for the next galactic week, and no precipitation is expected. Standard rules concerning registration or wearing of weapons are in effect.

The landing is also uneventful, although you do manage to catch two small personal flitter-type craft hit each other and do enough damage to interfere with their grav fields, making a fiery mass that plunged downwards into the fog that surrounds the inner heart of the world. It seems a strange omen of things to come.

Blink of an Eye Adventure Log
The story awaits

This is the home for adventure logging of our chronicle. Hopefully this will lend iself to larger writing projects, but it will also be a good history of what hs been done.


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