Blink of an EYE

Blink of an Eye Adventure Log

The story awaits

This is the home for adventure logging of our chronicle. Hopefully this will lend iself to larger writing projects, but it will also be a good history of what hs been done.


over the course of the three Galactic Standard Years, the crew of the Argyle Dream have made their way back and forth along the Corellian run, Ferrying supplies and pats for various republic bases and goods headed for the inner sectors. the Crew has gotten used to each other, and the ship’s transport business is starting to become more than a little profitable.

Balancing the strict orderly business of the Republic with the rampant chaos that is the legacy of Hutts and outer rim races is a skill that still slips out of the intrepid crew’s grasp, but they are still going well.

Rumors have been coming and going of possible war with separatists fighting the Republic’s order and whispers of deceit amoongst the strained resources of theJedi, the bastions of life.

The crew, for their part have heard rumors that there are shipments of odd items… bot brains and specialty parts of various parts being shipped in large amounts through the hutt networks.

as you were making the final leg of theor inbound run towards Coruscant, the Argyle Dream recieved a communique from their primary contact for work, Zeb Abraham. You, s the crew, are expected tomorrow morning at Special Ops headquarters. you should arrive sometime around 6pm local time on coruscant, so you have time to mingle, shop and rest before the briefing

Blink of an Eye Adventure Log

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