Jan Daro

A Jedi scholar looking for trouble, and hunting it down


Name:Jan Daro
Gender:M; Species:Cerean; Age:30;
Classes:Jedi Consular 3;
STR:13; DEX:6; CON:13; INT:20; WIS:18; CHA:16;
WP:13; VP:20; BAB:+2; DEF:12; REP:1;
Fort:4; Refl:0; Will:7; Init:0; Carry:25/50/75;
Languages: R/W/S Basic, Cerean, Hutt, Toiderian, 3 others;
Feats: Weapons (simple, blaster pistols, lightsaber);
Feats: Force-Sensitive; Alter; Control;
Feats: Heroic Surge; Trustworthy; Burst of Speed;
Features: Deflect (defense) +1; Deflect (attack) -4;
Skills: Diplomacy:10; Gather Information:8; Pilot:-1;
Skills: Sense Motive:9; Treat Injury:9;
Knowledges: Forensics:9; Jedi Lore:10; Medicine:6;
Force: Affect Mind:3; Battlemind:2; Enhance Ability:7;
Force: Heal Another:10; Heal Self:9; Illusion:5; Move Object:11;
Lightsaber: 3/2d8; crit=19;
Blaster Pistol: 0/3d6; crit=19; range=15; stunDC=17;
Ion Gun: 0/3d6; crit=19; range=12; stunDC=15;


Coming from a long line of textile merchants, Jan Daro was strong with the Force, and felt the calling to become a Jedi. With recent rumors of unrest and other strange activities, he decided to put his merchant training to good use, and travel the shipping lanes between core and rim, trying to track down any information he can to help the Jedi develop a better picture of what’s going on. A master of healing and diplomacy, he attempts to solve problems without conflict when possible, but he’s also not one to back down from a fight, if that’s the only option available. His ultimate goal is to bring peace and understanding to the galaxy.

Jan Daro

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