Rul Ventana

Always looking for trouble, hoping trouble doesn't look back


Name:Rul Ventana
Gender:F; Species:Duros; Age:25; Height:1.8m; Weight:55kg;
Eyes:Black; Hair:None; Skin:Blue-grey
Classes:Jedi Scoundrel 3;
STR:7; DEX:19; CON:12; INT:20; WIS:12; CHA:15;
WP:12; VP:16; BAB:+2; DEF:13; REP:1;
Fort:2; Refl:7; Will:2; Init:4; Carry:11.5/23/35;
Languages: R/W/S Basic, Durese, Hutt, Toiderian, 3 others; Feats: Weapons (simple, blaster pistols);
Feats: Spacer; Point Blank Shot; Starship Operations (transport);
Features: Illicit Barter; Lucky 1/day; Precise Attack +1;
Skills: Astrogate:13; Bluff:8; Computer Use:11; Demolitions;6;
Skills: Diplomacy:4; Disable Device:6; Disguise:2(+2/in character);
Skills: Gamble:6; Gather Information:8; Hide:10; Intimidate:2;
Skills: Move Silently:10; Pilot:10; Repair:13; Search:11;
Skills: Sleight of Hand:7; Spot:7; Tumble:5;
Knowledges: Alien Species:6; Astronomy:6; Beaurocracy:6; Business:6;
Knowledges: Engineering:6; Politics:6; Streetwise:6; Technology:6; World Lore:6;
Blaster Pistol: 6/3d6; crit=19; range=15; stunDC=17;
Holdout Blaster: 6/3d4; crit=19; range=6; stunDC=17;
Ion Gun: 6/3d6; crit=19; range=12; stunDC=15;
Knife: 0/d4-2; range=2;


Jumping a freighter from an early age, Rul has always sought adventure in various places in the galaxy, wherever fortune took her, paying her way by her ability to pilot merchant vessels (and repair them, if necessary), as well as being able to wheel and deal as necessary. Her goal is to become mistress of her own domain.

Rul Ventana

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